Austin Modern design built with holistic approach

Imagine a home designed to be aesthetically pleasing yet able to produce the kind of sustainable energy savings that qualifies it as a zero-energy home.  Such a home exists – and it doesn’t require homeowners to purchase expensive gadgets as a trade-off for energy savings. All it requires is a responsible, climatically appropriate design.  “A house should be designed to be […]

Barley & Pfeiffer Architects, A Real Time Case Study in Maximizing Home Solar Panel Use

Barley & Pfeiffer Architects Clients utilized Alan Barley’s unique roof design and eGauge system to maximize energy generation: We maximized the available roof space with 56 250 watt panels and so far on any given cloudless day we generate more electricity than we use.   Overall since October 4th we’ve generated 80% of our usage.   With […]

The Greenest (Synthetic) Greens ft. in GB&D Magazine

Barley & Pfeiffer Architects used locally quarried limestone for the custom residence as well as a galvalume standing-seam metal roof, which tends not to retain hear. It’s no surprise that a world-renowned golf coach can putt around his backyard. What’s unexpected are the home’s (and the golf course’s) green features. By Benjamin van Loon Hired to […]