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Healthier Living, High Performance, Green Building And More

Barley|Pfeiffer Architecture has 30-plus years’ experience in assisting clients in a collaborative design approach that includes critically important consulting in Site Selection, Design, and High-Performance Building Science.

We have a distinctive resume of over 700 buildings, homes, and remodels. If retaining us to provide you our sought-after comprehensive approach is beyond your budget, you may be interested in our hourly consulting services that include:

  • Aging-in-Place design strategies
  • Building site selection & analysis
  • Building Integrity evaluation
  • Daylighting Solar Shading analysis
  • Structural review of existing buildings
  • On-site Feasibility & Design Consultations at your home or business
  • Cost-effective Green Building strategies
  • High-Performance Building Science design and technology consulting
  • Healthier Living strategies
  • Indoor Air Quality strategies by Design
  • Pollution Avoidance strategies
  • HVAC, ERV & Mechanical Systems design
  • Plumbing & Water Heating system
  • Rainwater Collection systems design
  • Rain Screen systems specifying
  • Weatherproofing & Weather-Barriers
  • Wall Flashing & Moisture Management
  • Window & Door Flashing
  • Bug-proofing
  • Integrated Pest Management 
  • Ventilated Radiant Barrier “Shading Umbrella” roof systems
  • Sealed Attic & Crawl-space strategies
  • Slab Edge & Out-sulation detailing
  • Project Specifications for most CSI Divisions
  • Paint Colors & Exterior Finishes that keep you cooler and that weather better
  • Realtor assistance interpreting Inspection Reports and identified defects
  • Realtor assistance evaluating existing homes, buildings, lots, and raw land

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