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THE MATTAX RESIDENCE – Completed in 1995

Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic “Prairie-Style” homes of the Mid-West were our clients’ inspiration for this remarkably timeless home located in the hills outside of Springfield, MO. At the time of these photographs it was 26 years old, yet it looks like it was just built last year. We incorporated specific design responses to the site’s unique micro-climate that complement the hallmarks of a FLW Prairie home – low pitched roofs, deep overhanging eaves, a central chimney, and an open floor plan bathed in soft balanced and glare-free daylighting. Exceptional elegance, comfort and ownership experience are attained via passive solar control measures, energy efficiency without reliance on maintenance-intensive Green “gizmos”, and lower maintenance exterior detailing utilizing native stone and the exceptional craftsmanship of local masons.

The client’s objective for a timeless standout home, while being environmentally responsible through “high performance” building attributes, was met. A result like this will provide multiple generations a place to call home.

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