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Barley | Pfeiffer Architecture had the unique pleasure of this being the second home we have designed for these clients over the past decade. Our clients wanted to move closer into the Austin metropolitan area and found a challenging lot in an almost-built-out community just west of town with a south facing hillside abutting a ravine. The property came with the bonus of having a building pad already prepared by previous owners.

The client’s desire to nestle into the natural Texas landscape while capitalizing on far-away views of the Hill Country melded seamlessly with the goal of being environmentally responsible through utilizing “high performance” building strategies. By designing the home in response to the site, excellent Indoor Air Quality, enhanced natural ventilation, balanced daylighting, and elegant connections to the surrounding woods were built into the home from the very first concept sketches. This exemplifies how the Architect’s approach to Green by Design results in a home that exceeds the expectations of its owners, making for an extremely healthy indoor environment while reducing the long-term cost of ownership associated with maintenance and climate control.

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