Peter Pfeiffer of Barley & Pfeiffer Architects will speak at the Greener Choices Earth Day Festival April 22nd from 12:30-1:45 p.m.  The purpose behind the festival is to help Austin achieve it’s goal of being carbon neutral by 2020 and have zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Come join us for a beautiful earth day celebration Austin, TX style!

  • Free admission for participants ($5 suggested donation/2 cans for food bank)-Save time on having to register at the festival by pre-registering now to get your tickets and be entered into a drawing to win prizes!
  • Keynote speaker- Former Austin mayor and sustainability advocate Will Wynn.
  • Green technology, community exhibitors, and a variety of speakers on different energy/sustainability topics

Workshops including:

  • “How to Build an e-Bike” sponsored by Taylor High School’s Blade program,
  • Solar 101, Electric Vehicles 101, Algae Fuels, Grassoline, and more!
  • E-Bike and Ride area
  • Solar-powered stage
  • Electric Vehicle/Alternative Fuels Vehicle Showcase
  • Children’s area for hands-on learning with renewable energy and science based activities
  • Open-Forum Speaker Panels: including sustainability topics such as Sustainability Education, Protecting our Natural Resources, Transportation, Sources of Energy and a Bicycle Technology panel.
  • Zero-Waste event through Balcones Resource Management
  • Live music and artists, comedy, yoga/exercise area
  • Green food court with healthy foods and farmer’s market booths.
  • Networking area with leading green technology businesses, educational institutions and the public

earth day

The website for the festival is
We have 13 bands coming, 2 stages one powered by solar, 30+ exhibitors,
15-20 speakers/workshops, an Electric Vehicle/Alt fuel showcase, e-bike and ride
area, kid’s area, and much more! Some great companies and organizations are coming as well to present
such as Austin Energy, Concurrent Design, Environment Texas, Sierra Club, Nissan, Incenergy among others..