This modern interpretation  of a ranch style home was designed to allow the clients to access several unique view from specific rooms in the house.  It was positioned at the edge of a rock shelf to catch the full impact of these views.  Even with the many window walls featured in the design it is positioned site specifically to allow the home to be extremely energy efficient.  The long facades of the home face north and south, with the garage placed on the west to shield the living spaces from the harsh western sun.  Its layout also takes maximum advantage of the prevailing southeasterly breezes helping the house to self ventilate in the milder times of the year.

As with ranch homes of the 50’s and 60’s this house emphasizes  the horizontal stretching out along the hillside almost becoming a part of it.   The open plan allows for wonderful family interaction. Because our clients will raise their family here they plan to be in it a long time, so durability, energy efficiency, and sustainability were primary concerns.  All the unique features of this modern ranch are contribute to maximize enhancing our clients quality of life while reducing their cost to live and operate this home, all the while treading lightly on the land. -Alan Barley
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