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6 Landscaping Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Yard

by Barrett Tilson March 30, 2016

Good landscaping can add up to 28% to the overall value of a home.  But even for those blessed with the greenest of thumbs, landscaping offers plenty of potential for

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Could this be the year that U.S. builders (and their customers) embrace the benefits of residential solar power?

by Barrett Tilson March 16, 2016

Illustrations by Andy Smith | Animations by Jessica Rubenstein Although only a handful of U.S. production builders offer solar energy systems, the residential solar market has

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How to Install a Rain Barrel At Your Home

by Barrett Tilson March 9, 2016

Just think — with 1 inch of rain, you can collect more than 600 gallons of water for every 1,000 square feet of roof area. Water that otherwise would drain into storm drains

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Join Us This Saturday At Our Modern Homes Tour of Austin Property

by Barrett Tilson March 1, 2016

The “Second Generation” Modern Home   How informed design decisions affect your comfort, health and cost of ownership. Peter Pfeiffer wears many hats.  He is a LEED accredited

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