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Did You Make Home Improvements This Year?

by Barrett Tilson February 24, 2016

Keeping track of the cost of capital improvements to your home can really pay off on your tax return when it comes time to sell. It’s no secret that finishing your basement

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9 Telltale Signs Your Home Is Hopelessly Outdated (and How to Fix It!)

by Barrett Tilson February 10, 2016

Steven Errico/Getty Images Despite its many flaws, you love your home—outdated wooden baseboards, disco-era living room set, purple exteriors, and all. But does anyone else

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Join us March 5th For the Modern Home Tour Austin

Modern Homes Tour February 3, 2016

5908 FLORENCIA LANE AUSTIN TX The Barley|Pfeiffer Architecture 2016 Entry About the Modern Home

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