Peter Pfeiffer 2011 - sitting high res B&WPeter Pfeiffer of Barley & Pfeiffer Architects Will Speak This Sunday (02/09/2014)
From: 12:00pm – 1:00pm
At: First Unitarian Universalist Church of Austin

4700 Grover, Austin, TX 78756
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A Sensible Approach to Green Homes & Remodeling; Seeing Beyond the Glare of “Eco-Bling”:
Overview of Speech:
Tonjes A-T -499This is not a “Show and Tell” green building program. It will enlighten the audience about the principles of designing well-thought-out building projects – whether it be a remodeled kitchen or a stand-alone new home. Together we will develop an understanding of the relevant laws of nature that will help you make thoughtful green building prioritization decisions on your own. Well vetted green building techniques that are “builder relevant” – what worked and what hasn’t so well over the past four decades of the presenter’s experience will be critiqued.
This includes a pragmatic and effective approach to Indoor Air Quality issues and strategies to implement them. Well thought-out planning decisions yield the best return on your investment – especially when it comes to implementing energy conservation and green building strategies.
“Green by design” is cost effective; “Green by device” is not. We will discuss pragmatic strategies associated with designing, building and remodeling high performance buildings – including remodeling projects, that are healthier and more comfortable to work and live in, and less expensive to own and to operate! Relying on the expensive and the latest green technologies, although popular these days, is rarely as effective.
photo (1)Peter Pfeiffer is an Architect, Property Manager & Building Scientist who was named a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects in 2004 for his life-long achievements in developing practical high-performance green building strategies. He is a principal of the Austin, Texas based Barley & Pfeiffer Architects. Because of their leadership in advancing green building, their work has been published in such diverse venues as the Washington Post & Better Homes & Gardens and has been featured on NPR radio, The Discovery Channel, This Old House, and the HG-TV network. In 2006 Residential Architect cited him as one of the 10 most influential architects of past decade. In 2010 Peter was nominated for the prestigious Hanley Award for his meaningful efforts to advance green building in America.

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