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We take great care and pride in remaining spaces for our clients. We take into account how you live in your current space, how you wish it to function and ways in which it can become more energy efficient. Some of our favorite spaces we've reimagined include the following projects.

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  • Firebird Lane

    Firebird Lane

    Located in Lakeway, this two story house owned by our clients needed some serious upgrading. After discussing the clients' ideas we were able to come up with not only a beautiful, but functional energy saving design. Some of the key unique features include a screened-in porch with a wood burning fireplace and a view, large overhangs that double as a cover for the porch and patio, swimming pool with a hot tub, and tall windows to bring in natural lighting.
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  • Renovation with a View

    Renovation with a View

    This residence consisted of two side by side penthouse condominiums in an early 1960s era residential tower. The two units were efficiently connected with one unit dedicated to the clients’ living, dining, kitchen, and mezzanine spaces and the other to be used as a master suite and study. It was a unique accomplishment to functionally integrate the mezzanine level into the plan because it added several secondary bedrooms and an additional bathroom.
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  • Clarksville Remodel

    Clarksville Remodel

    This historical structure in Old West Austin is in a protected neighborhood planning area.  The challenge was to maintain a historical reference while meeting the needs to update and restore the duplex into two homes that would be comfortable and energy efficient to live in.
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  • Tarrytown Residence Renewed

    Tarrytown Residence Renewed

    What makes this home a unique is that it demonstrates a complete remodeling and updating on the interior from a home originally designed in 2000 with the “Craftsman” style in mind to the Modern style - while retaining many of the positive features of the original design by the owner/architect.
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  • The Refined Ranch

    The Refined Ranch

    This 1960’s ranch style home in the Tarrytown neighborhood went through a dramatic transformation to match contemporary lifestyle and aesthetic sought by the owner.  Working within the footprint of the 2600 sq ft home, the main floor bedrooms and bathrooms were re-imagined to create more open space and provide modern amenities.  The existing fabric of the home was transformed through the addition of additional windows and the introduction of new exterior materials to bring more natural light into the interior spaces and update the look of the house.  The focal point of the project was the infusion of light and space into the living room and entry through the insertion of a new roof-line and large windows to create a modern light filled space at the center of the home.  One of the most noteworthy differences is the luxurious level of comfort the owner is able to live in - at half the cost of the utility bills prior to the remodel.
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  • House On Bell Mountain

    House On Bell Mountain

    A client's request for an open floor plan that would blur the distinction between indoor & outdoor living areas while still providing a significant amount of privacy for the occupants brought about this distinctly contemporary design motif that is also healthy to live in, well constructed, and very energy efficient.
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