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As pioneers in green building and thought leaders on variety of related topics, our team is often approached for consulting. Through decades of experience, we are able to assist in a variety of areas including green building science, energy and rainwater. We specialize in high-performance architecture.

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  • Golfers Laboratory

    Golfers Laboratory

    This site specific home is laid out to efficiently work with the topography, orientation, views, and breezes of the Texas Hill-Country. Overhangs, awnings, and deep covered patios provide passive solutions to keeping direct sunlight from entering into the house while still allowing large window openings to connect to the outdoors.
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  • House On Bell Mountain

    House On Bell Mountain

    A client's request for an open floor plan that would blur the distinction between indoor & outdoor living areas while still providing a significant amount of privacy for the occupants brought about this distinctly contemporary design motif that is also healthy to live in, well constructed, and very energy efficient.
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  • Central Austin Remodel

    Central Austin Remodel

    What's noteworthy about this central Austin remodel is that the “bones” of the original house were essentially left intact or recycled. There was a conscious effort to work with as much that was salvageable as we could while allowing for the lifestyle of the new owners. The Family Entrance porch, Garage, Carport, and existing floor plan were left intact. Existing wood floors were salvaged where possible. A few minor shifts in window locations and the addition of a door from the new Kitchen area to a proposed Deck was added. The success of this project was the result of finding the right balance between budget and the sustainable features incorporated into the home. By locating the stairwell and high windows properly, we were able to provide for passive cooling through thermal siphoning without adding additional cost to the client. Additionally, deep overhangs provide shading and an added layer of protection at doors and windows, protecting them from moisture infiltration and reducing future maintenance issues. Home build by: Kennen Kahanek Custom Builder, Inc.
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  • Grandveiw Condominiums

    Grandveiw Condominiums

    We at Barley|Pfeiffer Architecture apply the idea of natural "daylighting" to every project we design to make for the best use of natural lighting within the office or classroom. This is a simple concept that, when carefully planned and incorporated with other energy-efficient measures, will result in a well conceived, successful, and enjoyable building.
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  • Clarksville Commercial

    Clarksville Commercial

    The environment in which people work has proven to affect their productivity and performance on the job. Just as bright dispositions can reflect and create an enthusiastic workplace, so, it is found, can something as simple as the amount and quality of lighting in the room.
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  • Missouri Remodel

    Missouri Remodel

    This holistic or “whole house” design approach was adopted from the inception of this project to ensure that this contemporary designed home would achieve the following  goals : beauty, comfort,  energy and resource efficiency, durability, lower maintenance, within an environmentally conscious,  healthy and safe environment.
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