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Stamford Family Pad

This home is an example of Sarah Susanka’s “Not So Big House” concept. The Stamford Family Pad is larger than many of the pre-existing homes on its street but blends into the neighborhood fabric and scale. For a family of five, the house is approximately 3,600 s.f. with each floor roughly the same size. During our project programming phase we encourage our clients to build just enough house to meet their needs – and no more. Building a tight, compact house yields long-term benefits for the Owner and the environment. With three active children the home centers around family activities – eating, playing and studying. The main floor is open as much as possible for joint activities and parental observation of the front yard, porch and driveway play area. From the Kitchen office desk and Study, Mom & Dad have a commanding view of most of the main floor and adjacent outside play areas. The laundry room is located upstairs by the bedrooms to shorten the path for washing clothes. This home’s scale and understated design demonstrates a creative way of integrating a new home into an existing tightly knit – and politically charged - neighborhood. On top of that, it has garnered one of the highest ratings in the history of Austin Green Building Program. The home clearly demonstrates that “Not So Big®” and respecting the neighborhood doesn’t constrain you from having a unique home that answers to your lifestyle.

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