Picking plants in the bathroom – an expert’s 13 best tips

Plants are soothing to the soul and can fit perfectly in your bathroom, whatever style and size.
Plants are not just a stylish interior detail to rest your eyes, they are also soothing. So be sure to highlight plants in your bathroom, whether big or small.

Plants are not just a stylish interior detail to rest your eyes, they are also soothing. So be sure to highlight plants in your bathroom, whether big or small.


1. Cuttings
Do you belong to the crowd who love cuttings? Don’t hesitate to move them into the bathroom! Put shoots in water, so you not only get green details in the bathroom – but the plants will also love the heat. Make sure to supplement with lighting so that the plants get the lighting they need.

2. Green privacy protection
More and more bathrooms have windows to the ceiling similar in this bathroom. So why not invest in a green privacy?
Choose plants in varying heights for fine effect.Read more: Which plants can withstand darkness?
Victorian Bathroom by Lindalsköket
Lindal kitchen


3. What is growing outside?
You don’t always have to go so far to find plants to pick up in the bathroom. It may be enough to pick up a branch from the tree outside. With a little luck, the heat and moisture in the bathroom can also cause the coolest branch to suddenly bloom.
Contemporary Bathroom by Mim Design
Mim Design

4. Play with shapes!
In this scarce bathroom, the focus is on a simple glass vase with round flowers. The black details are softened by the greenery, which helps to make the tight look more inviting.Do you want to build your dream bathroom? Here are experts who can help
Modern Bathroom by Svenskt Hem
Swedish Home

5. Let the greenery climb
Climbing plants that are allowed to grow freely provide soft shapes that break off against all straight lines in the bathroom. It is an effect that is inspiring. Many climbing plants thrive in darker environments.
Contemporary Bathroom by Design Platform
Design Platform

6. Play with symmetry
If you want plants in the bathroom but at the same time keep the style tight, then you should invest in symmetry. Use two pots of the same plant and position directly opposite of each other.
Scandinavian Bathroom Scandinavian Bathroom

7. Soften up with green in round vases
Another trick to soften tight bathrooms is round vases. Large vases in this bathroom fit well for green still life. Smaller vases fit in most bathrooms, as long as the vase is glass.
Contemporary Bathroom by Banda Property
Banda Property

8. Sprawling for effect
As mentioned earlier, many bathrooms are tight in their style. Then a sprawling plant can be the solution! Opt for a larger, single plant.
Asian Bathroom by Lucio Di Martino
Lucio Di Martino

9. More is more
Imagine you have plucked all the home flowers into the bathroom to shower them, and then left them there. More is more, simply. Place the pots at the mirror for double effect, as well as on the bathtub edge and on the floor.This lush feel is something extraordinary – provided you have room to shower of course!
Contemporary Bathroom by Barley | Pfeiffer Architecture
Barley | Pfeiffer Architecture

10. Tipped plants
A trend on the rise is “weeds” as cut flowers. Or rather plants that have undeservedly poor reputation but which are in fact just beautiful and different.These untouched plants can become that extra detail that lifts your entire bathroom.Read more: Soften your bare bathroom with plants
Contemporary Bathroom by Sara Ray Interior Design
Sara Ray Interior Design

11. An elegant rose
When the Friday bouquet is becoming increasingly faded, cut down the remaining flowers and set them in the bathroom.A simple trick that gives your bouquet a little extra life.
Contemporary Bathroom by Entrance Real Estate Brokerage
Entrance Real Estate Brokerage

12. Accent color as detail
You may not be fond of orange towels or turquoise toothbrush cups, but color can give life to the bathroom. One stylish solution can be flowers!
So if you don’t like colorful towels, could you rather appreciate a colorful flower?
Scandinavian Bathroom Scandinavian Bathroom

13. A shy little plant for the cautious
You may want to start carefully then a small plant will fit nicely. Choose plants that are durable, tight and “less green” in their appearance – eg. aloe vera or as in the picture, a fine gray-green plant. Put it in a little rough pot that ties the style together. Nice and simple! Find inspiration for the bathroom in our huge gallery!