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8 Private Homes That Are Inspiring 21st-Century Architecture

by Barrett Tilson June 22, 2016

  Private residences are designed to accommodate the simplest of human activities: eating, sleeping, bathing, and so on. Conceiving structures that meet these basic needs

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Curbed’s Guide to Architectural Tourism Across the Country

by Barrett Tilson June 15, 2016

Courtesy One World Observatory You can scan social media and admire great architecture and design from afar, but there’s something to be said about seeing a great work

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How to Create a Cohesive Color Flow Throughout Your Home

by Barrett Tilson June 8, 2016

Avoid a choppy feel in your interior by choosing a flow-through color, paying attention to sightlines, working with accessories and more Color preferences vary as much as

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Cheat Codes: 9 Interior Designer Shortcuts That Work

by Barrett Tilson June 1, 2016

Every interior designer has go-to tricks. Today I’d like to share my top cheats that I use time and again for quick results. These foolproof ideas can solve many of your

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