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Why Soundproofing is getting a Whole Lot of Noise

by Barrett Tilson April 27, 2016

Preventing noise from getting into a room, or inside a building in general, is important no matter what type of architecture it is. Whether it’s a home or office, look into

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Austin-area Home Construction Up 40 Percent in 1st Quarter of 2016

by Barrett Tilson April 20, 2016

As the Austin area’s population continues to boom, builders in Central Texas started construction on 40 percent more homes in the first three months this year than in the

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Solar Panels Are Cheaper Than Ever, So Why Aren’t You Getting Them?

by Barrett Tilson April 13, 2016

Hans Engbers/iStock Solar power used to be a prohibitively expensive technology, but recently, the cost of residential solar panel systems has dropped … by a lot. And what

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