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Peter Pfeiffer featured at the 2015 Austin Home & Garden Show

Austin Convention Center January 17, 2015
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Barley|Pfeiffer Architecture, Comprehensive High Performance Firm Rebrands
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Wall Street Journal – Sept. 12, 2014 says:

Architects, contractors and real estate agents say upscale homeowners are asking for walk-in rooms that serve as work-spaces for everything from food prep to gift-wrapping.   Urban Art Residence

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Mike and Melinda Rieken Blanco Retreat says:

As you know, we have been in our Hill Country Home for several months now. We continue to love every aspect of it. We think of the design process and three of you frequently. We worked with an Architect years ago in California. We have also worked with a number of home designers over the years. None of those experiences can compare with our experience with Barley & Pfeiffer. This is true of the design process, managing expectations against budget, cost forecasting, breadth of knowledge, attention to detail and project management. The combination of innovative design coupled with your knowledge of builder performance (thermal envelop, mechanical systems, lighting, etc.) is the best I have encountered. Also, Sharon’s inspection reports were the best I have seem. It was truly a pleasure working with professionals such as yourselves.  

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Austin Home Magazine – Fall 2013 says:

"We've never had as much fun living anywhere as we've had living in this place. It has just been a joy" Golfers Laboratory

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Tiny House
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