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Eco-Friendly Chicken Coop Constucted By Barley & Pfeiffer Architect Matt Hart

by Barley Pfeiffer December 18, 2013

Holiday Season Do it Yourself Project The chicken “Coop” reflects the design of the art studio I built in the backyard for my wife Taylor, which has a similar sloped roof and

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9 Easy Ways To Go Green This Holiday Season

by Barley Pfeiffer December 11, 2013

So, you’ve decided you want to go green. Time to ditch everything leather, along with all the meat in your diet, buy a bike, and turn your backyard into a composting

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How To Inspect Your Homes Roof To Stay Ahead Of Problems

by Barley Pfeiffer December 4, 2013

In Central Texas weather seems extreme highs and lows throughout the year which can lead to many problems in your home without proper maintenance and oversight.  Your roof is

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